The OFLEX™ range comprises all flexible coated textiles and technical films manufactured using our coating, extrusion and laminating technologies, for applications in the luxury sector and use in protective products, flexible tubes, marking, etc.*

These processes enable us to transform all types of materials (PVC, PU, TPO, TPE, TPU) and apply technical films or laminates to a wide variety of backings (woven, mesh, non-woven, grid, foam).

These finishing techniques can provide our coated textiles and technical films with specific design features (appearance, texture, gloss) and improved performance.


* See OSKIN™ for applications in the automotive sector.


Chomarat coated textiles are available with a wide range of :

  • backings.
  • colors.
  • grains.
  • textures and appearances.

thus meeting the needs of various sectors and markets.