The OSKIN™ range comprises all of our thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) solutions, specially designed for automotive interior trims.

OSKIN™ covers applications such as coatings on dashboards, door panels, and washable carpets.

OSKIN™ offers great manufacturing flexibility and the ability to create a unique and signature effect, while meeting the ever-stricter specifications of manufacturers.

The OSKIN™ range comprises :

  • Foils with or without backing.
  • Foil weight ranging from 300 gsm to 1300 gsm (0.35 to 1.4 mm in thickness).
  • Various types of backings, depending on the application and process (textile, non-woven, polypropylene foam, polyethylene foam, heavy layer, etc.).
  • Various TPO formulations, depending on the transformation process and desired application.
  • Widths up to 1900 mm depending on the thickness and backing.



  • is a lightweight solution for automotive interior coatings.
  • is designed using thermoplastics (polypropylene and polyethylene) that can easily be recycled.
  • is produced in foil form and can therefore be used for numerous decorative applications (printing, inclusions, pearlescence, top printing, varnishing, translucent effects, etc.).
  • can be used with various surface varnishes in order to achieve different textures.
  • is a low-emissions product range (fogging and VOC).