The OFLEX™ Pipe range is manufactured by extruding or laminating thermoplastic films that are resistant to thermosetting resin solvents onto various backings, such as felt, fabrics or any glass fiber-based multi-layer surface.


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The OFLEX™ Pipe range is primarily intended for the restoration of pipework.


OFLEX™ Pipe offers both leaktightness and a structural reinforcement :

  • The glass fiber-based reinforcement provides structural strength and thickness, while the film ensures continuous impregnation of the pipe in the factory. It can be stored once impregnated. In-situ impregnation, which can be a source of errors, is therefore no longer necessary, and efficiency at the worksite is maximized.
  • Depending on the specifications required, the film also ensures the leaktightness and strength of the restored pipe.

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Chomarat coated textiles are available with a wide range of :

  • backings.
  • colors.
  • grains.
  • textures and appearances.

thus meeting the needs of various sectors and markets.