OFLEX™ Trend


The OFLEX™ Trend range comprises all coated textiles designed to serve a decorative purpose, for use in the design and fashion industry in sectors such as luxury leather goods.


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The variety of Chomarat techniques available offers great freedom in terms of texture and appearance (matte, gloss, suede, peachskin, rubber, etc.).

The OFLEX™ Trend range owes its great diversity to Chomarat’s expertise and ability to combine several factors, such as :

  • The type of textile backing.
  • The composition of the coating.
  • The choice of graining.
  • The type of finish (varnish, printing, etc.).

This creativity is compliant with the technical and quality-related requirements (e.g. abrasion resistance, mechanical properties, dimensional stability) of the markets that we serve.

Benefits from Related Products Line(s)

Chomarat coated textiles are available with a wide range of :

  • backings.
  • colors.
  • grains.
  • textures and appearances.

thus meeting the needs of various sectors and markets.