OFLEX™ Light


The OFLEX™ Light range comprises all thin films created using coating or extrusion techniques.

The range of Chomarat techniques available makes it possible to transform a wide range of thermoplastics to provide specific functions.

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These technical films are intended for use in textile marking, fusing and decoration techniques.


  • Wide choice of raw materials and compounds, including PVC, polyurethane, aluminum film and varnish.
  • Variable thickness from 10 to 500 µm.
  • Choice of finish : printed, pearlescent, golden, etc.
  • Compatible with ink jet printing.
  • A construction specific to each project will be devised in collaboration with the customer.

Benefits from Related Products Line(s)

Chomarat coated textiles are available with a wide range of :

  • backings.
  • colors.
  • grains.
  • textures and appearances.

thus meeting the needs of various sectors and markets.