OSKIN™ Compact


OSKIN™ Compact is a non-backed TPO foil, available with a smooth or embossed structure. Depending on the nature of the formula, OSKIN™ Compact offers an aesthetic (in the case of thermoforming processes with foam), decorative  (for over-molding when replacing paint), and textural (by using varnishes on the surface) solution.

Possibility to add primer backing for process needs.

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Coating Thickness (mm): 0.7 - 1.3

Total Thickness (mm): 0.7 - 1.3

Texture: Smooth or Embossed

Transformation Processes

  • In-mold graining (IMG) thermoforming with in-situ back foaming (dashboard, door panels).
  • Thermo-compression (headliners).
  • Over-molding (panels, trims, door panels).


  • Dashboard
  • Door panels
  • Trims
  • Headliners


  • Wide range of colors.
  • Potential to obtain different looks and patterns using diverse materials (sparkly, translucent, grainy and shiny effects).
  • Diverse range of varnishes and substrates that influence the touch.
  • Compatibility with various printing technologies.
  • Good performance at low temperatures for airbag deployment.
  • Eco-designed to offer recycling solutions.
  • Low level of volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions.

Benefits from Related Products Line(s)


  • is a lightweight solution for automotive interior coatings.
  • is designed using thermoplastics (polypropylene and polyethylene) that can easily be recycled.
  • is produced in foil form and can therefore be used for numerous decorative applications (printing, inclusions, pearlescence, top printing, varnishing, translucent effects, etc.).
  • can be used with various surface varnishes in order to achieve different textures.
  • is a low-emissions product range (fogging and VOC).