Effects and decoration

In order to meet increasing demand for customization, Chomarat has developed a specific range of film transfer marking techniques, which can be applied to all types of coated surfaces.

Depending on the type of customization required, various techniques are used.


The MYFLEX™ range has been patented by Chomarat.

MYFLEX™ Color is a thin and flexible polyurethane film used for single-effect marking.

MYFLEX™ Color is available in all colors, with the following finishes :

  • Matte or gloss
  • Smooth or grained
  • Iridescent, golden, glittery, etc.
  • Photoluminescent

MYFLEX™ Print is a thin and flexible polyurethane film used for multi-color marking. Various printing techniques are used, depending on the desired level of precision and the motif provided by the customer :

  • Lnk jet printing
  • Screen printing


MYFLEX™ techniques offer a high level of abrasion resistance and flexibility.