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Chomarat Coatings & Films

The Chomarat “label” from cars to luxury goods

The Chomarat Group is a specialist in textile coatings for the automotive industry, luxury luggage, protective clothing and the industrial sector, and an expert in technical films for hot stamping. We combine efficiency, comfort and finishing for these demanding sectors.

Varied technologies for an extensive range

Chomarat uses coating and extrusion technologies. Through combined expertise in materials and chemicals, we offer a variety of textures, colors and grains. Our designers draw on trends, seeking new aspects to design and enhance our technical products. Chomarat stands out in the luxury goods world by combining technical skills with creativity.

TPO solutions for car interiors

Chomarat plays a leading role in developing new solutions on the TPO thermoplastic coatings market, used to make door panels, dashboards and carpets. These new-generation materials are recyclable and reduce the weight of vehicles.

Chomarat Coatings & Films